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21 November 2022
  • Suggestions for a guest-friendly bathroom remodel

    Do you have bad memories of feeling uneasy using a friend’s bathroom? To prevent your friends and family from experiencing this in your bathroom (which is commonly a tricky area in a house) consider these helpful pointers when planning your bathroom renovations.

    Upgrade the lighting

    Poor lighting results in a bad first impression. Guests who are sprucing themselves up in your bathroom can do so more easily if the light catches the mirror. To achieve an optimally lit and practical space, deliberately plan where lights will go.
    To illustrate the point: you don’t want shadows falling on your face when looking in the vanity cabinet mirror, so you need to plan where the light is positioned. Additional lighting can be placed above the shower for convenience when showering. If space allows, consider wall sconces and dimmer switches to create an atmosphere.

    Change the Toilet

    A substandard toilet is unacceptable. All that might be necessary to improve the toilet is changing your seat or lid. Sometimes, a new toilet is preferable, and carefully considering your many options is recommended. Some suggestions to think about are the latest smart toilets, two-piece or wall hung toilets.

    Refurbish your Shower

    If your guest checked behind your shower curtain, would he/she witness a revolting sight? Old and hard-to-clean showers are best replaced. There are no limitations when redoing a shower. Please consider the ideas that we present to you so that you can start generating your thoughts for your bathroom remodel.

    Add a neo-angle shower to make the most of an underused corner
    Opt for an elegant Acrylic shower which presents no hassles for cleaning
    For those needing a seat built into the shower, no-barrier showers are easy to access
    A well-known option that satisfies most people and situations/requirements, is a shower-bath design

    Incorporate Splashes of Contentment

    After you have achieved a spotless, practical bathroom, you then have a chance to focus on the niceties. Ensure fluffy, luxurious towels are on hand. Create a comforting, pleasant scent with air freshener, aromatic soaps, and odor-neutralizing sprays. For your guests’ convenience, have a supply of toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash readily available.

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    Incorporating modern innovations in personal residences is common and opulent bathroom layouts utilizing contemporary enhancements are growing in number. In the United States today there are 52.2 million smart houses. Of those, smart technology features can be found in their bathrooms. Here follows several top high-tech smart home ideas to fashion your ideal deluxe bathroom:

    YouGov and Realtor.com surveys show that in excess of 2000 Americans mentioned smart toilets as the ultimate item on their bathroom renovations wish list. Some of the novelties of a smart toilet include automatic touch-free lids that open and close by themselves, speakers that chime your personally chosen music, seat warmers, and special night lights. Smart toilets are smaller than conventional toilets and can be positioned more efficiently.

    This is another feature of a contemporary bathroom. The smart scale monitors vital personal body data like body composition, fat and water percentage, heart rate, bone, and muscle mass. Because it takes these additional readings into account, it offers a more precise understanding of your total health than the old bathroom scale which only measured weight.

    Automatic/contactless devices are advantageous because they are more hygienic. All members of the household can use the same bathroom without spreading copious amounts of germs amongst themselves. Allocating doses of water and soap to individuals when they activate the faucet or use the dispenser, leads to less water and soap usage overall. Choose a smart faucet that automatically heats the water, thereby cutting the time of running the cold water until it turns warm.


    To avoid walking on cold tiles, a convenient opulent modern innovation is radiant floor heating. Thermal radiation properties generate heat under the titles and warm them up.


    The nature of a bathroom allows sound waves to be reflected perfectly, so it’s a good place to practice singing. Adding waterproof speakers to your bathroom remodeling plan is a must! This will allow you to listen to songs and podcasts while you shower or bath and facilitate a more relaxed start to your day.

    TV and smart toilet lavish bathroom remodel


    Adding a TV to your small bathroom remodel project is now possible! There are several options. More than one waterproof solution is available. Some can be implanted in mirrors and others have fog-protected monitors.


    If you intend to mimic a relaxing spa atmosphere, adding a chromotherapy shower is recommended. The theory is that the range of colored lights (electromagnetic radiation) supports relief from various illnesses. LED lights in the chromotherapy shower sprinkler shine colors as you shower. If you also install wireless speakers, then you will be afforded a several-sensor experience as you shower. If you prefer to bathe, this innovation can be set up in your bath instead and you can experience the same benefits.


    Saving the best device for last, let’s highlight the trendiest tool of them all – the Led & Digital Display Mirror. If you desire a computer-generated date & month image, temperature readings, WiFi, LED lighting, and a defogging capability to mention just a few novelties that the modern bathroom mirror can display, the mirror you install needs to have

    LED & Digital display capabilities.

    Think about using the modern bathroom technologies described above in your up-to-date state-of-the-art bathroom and build your sanctuary!

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