10 Gorgeous Walk-In Shower Designs for Small Bathrooms

You can still enjoy the pleasure of a walk-in shower even if your bathroom is small or cramped. To fit a walk-in shower in your bathroom, you don’t need a lot of space. Keep reading for inspiration and fresh ideas for your next small bathroom remodel.

Choose White

White interiors never go out of style and creates the illusion of space in a small area. Additionally, it will produce a tranquil atmosphere which is perfect for your bathroom. Some people aspire to have a stylish black bathroom design, but the effect will be leaning towards claustrophobia, therefore it’s not an ideal design choice for a small space. White is a classic color and perfect for making your bathroom appear larger and it brightens the space. A frameless glass panel can complement your whites while protecting the rest of the bathroom from shower splashing.

Shower Pan Choices

When planning your small bathroom remodel, make sure to include a rectangular shower pan, as opposed to a square one. This way you can enjoy a walk-in shower without giving up extra surface space. A rectangular shower pan is a wiser choice, as large square shower pans take up too much valuable space. For easier maintenance and cleaning, shower pans can be customized with some specifics, like drain placement for instance.

Designing Your New Bathroom

The strategic positioning of everything in the bathroom is one of the most crucial aspects of your bathroom remodeling project. The limited space means that you need to design your space in a way that will help you get the most out of every square foot, including your walk-in shower. If you have angles in your bathroom, you can consider incorporating this space within your shower, and arrange the toilet and sink along the wall.
Inviting the Outdoors In

Your bathroom renovations could include the installation of a large bathroom window, as this will complement your walk-in shower beautifully. A large glass window with a private view will make the room feel more spacious, whilst allowing the natural light to flow through the room. Perhaps consider a wall-to-ceiling window looking out onto a private area with a view of plants or trees. The natural colors of the vegetation, as well as the illusion of extra space will work well together to create a relaxing and beautiful interior space.

Walk-in Shower with No Door

A walk-in shower that is not confined by a door, makes it feel larger. To keep the other areas of your bathroom from getting wet, install a fixed glass panel to create a division and offer protection from splashing. The benefit of this layout is that you can enter and exit without making use of a door. Clear glass is the recommended type of glass, as it complements any interior. To reduce splashing, make sure to mount the shower head and faucets on the opposite side of the panel opening.

Walk-in Shower with a Curtain

One of the most economical choices when it comes to your bathroom remodeling budget, is to install a curtained shower. On a tight budget you can avoid installing a glass panel or shower glass doors and rather separate your shower area with a curtain. During the bathroom remodel or new bathroom design stages, include a curtain rod and plan to raise the shower step to contain the shower water.

Make a Statement with Your Tiles

Select bathroom tiles that complement your overall bathroom design and fittings. You could use bright or bold patterned tiles on a shower wall, which will form an interesting contrast when you have a predominantly light or white bathroom. When it comes to bold or colorful tiles, it’s best to use a limited number in a small bathroom. You can experiment with different designs by using them in a specific pattern. Create an interesting focal point in your bathroom by creating a floor centered or wall centered design. For a hassle-free finish with less grouting work, larger tiles can be used in tiny bathrooms.

Built-in Storage Solutions

Vanity units or other furniture can add clutter and take up valuable floor space. When planning your bathroom renovations, allow for built-in storage shelves to optimize space. To keep your bathroom necessities from taking up too much surface space, consider using a tiled bench or various built-in shelves to keep the bathroom organized. Use the planning stages of your small bathroom remodel to choose the best space for your shelves to ensure flowing functionality and to conserve space.

Ditch the Tub

When planning your bathroom remodel, you could avoid installing a tub. It can be tricky to fit a walk-in shower and a bathtub in a small bathroom space. For you to really enjoy your walk-in shower, you need adequate space, especially as the walk-in shower tray can take up a considerable amount of space. For bathrooms that do have enough space to allow for both, you should carefully consider where to place the tub and shower to prevent any obstructions to enter either.

Get Creative with Glass Shower Doors

A walk-in shower enclosure could have a glass door as an elegant finishing touch. Instead of a glass door, you could also go with a sophisticated glass panel to divide you shower space from the rest of the bathroom area. A small bathroom remodel might benefit greatly from adding a stylish and elegant glass panel or door to complement your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. To create the feeling of added space, consider installing a half-glass door that looks classy, yet is a practical way to prevent splashing.

You can enlarge the appearance of any small bathroom by using these tips. No matter how little space you have to design your ideal small bathroom remodel, these suggestions can help anyone experience the luxury of a walk-in shower. ABA Remodeling can assist you with your bathroom remodel design and help maximize your bathroom space. Contact the friendly and expert team at ABA Remodeling today to find out more.

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