ABA Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Renovation & Bathroom Remodeling

What’s the difference between renovating and remodeling?
Bathroom renovation is a less invasive home makeover. The process may include replacing a sink or bathtub, but the changes are modest. On the other hand, bathroom remodeling occurs when you don’t like your current bathroom and would like to get rid of everything. We are one of the bathroom remodeling companies that offer both services for our homeowners.

How long will a full bathroom renovation or remodel take?
Suppose you can complete bathroom renovations without involving plumbing, rewiring, or tiling in as little as two days. However, a significant change in your bathroom remodeling can take no more than a week. The time for remodeling depends on the number of home remodeling contractors and the size of the bathroom. Our experts promise to provide quick service without sacrificing the quality of work that we provide to our homeowners.

When can I choose finishes, appliances & other details?
When you get the construction schedule, you will have dates that will require you to make certain decisions, such as picking finishes. Our bathroom contractors will assist you in choosing the appropriate design that you want for your home with the selection process.

What are the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling?
Nowadays, people place more emphasis on decor and are more likely to have a large window and a variety of lighting options. Radiant floor heating is popular in every high-end bathroom. Aside from keeping your feet cozily warm, heated floors dry quickly. Our bathroom remodeling company in Palatine, Elk Grove Village, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, can make this happen for you.