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When the layout of your bathroom works well for you but it just needs to be upgraded with beautiful finishes, ABA Remodeling is the bathroom renovations Palatine specialist to call. Your new bathroom will look amazing and after our contractors are finished.

Just because you have a small bathroom, doesn’t mean we can’t take great care of it with an incredible small bathroom remodel. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Palatine are accustomed to working with all sizes of bathrooms, large and small.

Make the most of the space in your large bathroom with a complete bathroom remodeling Palatine that will put everything together in the most functional way. Your bathroom will be a brand new space for you to enjoy for years.


When we plan a bathroom renovation of any kind, it first begins with a bathroom design to bring the best features out and make it functional. It’s an important part of any bathroom makeover Palatine.

To achieve the best bathroom renovation results, our bathroom remodeling contractors Palatine use the best materials possible. From bathroom wall tiles to the bathroom tiles on your floor, we only use top-quality materials.

Our vast experience allows us to know what works and what doesn’t. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Palatine can provide you with amazing ideas you may not have thought of yourself.

We don’t stop at bathroom renovations Palatine. Our professional contractors also provide fantastic whole home remodeling. Check our additional service pages for more information about whole home renovations.


The longer you live in the same home, the higher the chance that  homeowners decide to tackle a major remodeling project. Altering your surroundings to fit your individual needs and wants is important. When deciding for a bathroom remodeling plan, they tend to focus primarily on their immediate needs like having a lot of space, more functionality, safety concerns,  upgrading the aesthetics or even ways to increase the value of their property. That is why many homeowners focus on remodeling efforts in their bathroom. Because this is the area of the house with the most potential for a refresh and adds practical financial value.  If you’re considering a bathroom renovation Palatine to meet your family needs, contact us. We are the bathroom remodeling company near you.

Make Your Old Bathroom New

Renewing the value and look of your home is one of the most important things you can do to increase its value and to live comfortably. With so many ideas from the internet and  bathroom remodeling contractors Palatine, you can give your bathroom a new refreshing look that will give you a refreshing feeling in your home.

Ensure Your Comfort

Bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that you will probably step into  everyday. That is why bathroom remodeling Palatine it to have a personal touch and making it comfortable is one of the best decisions you can do for yourself. Updating it with the time is a good decision it could be as easy as repainting it, improving the lightings or updating the fixtures.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Most of the time, a bathroom may need to be remodeled to increase its utility and to reduce maintenance costs. Checking your windows, roofing, seals, plumbing, and drainage needs to be checked regularly to enjoy its full function. This may sound costly, but fixing it can save you more than having to replace everything.

Reduce Energy Bills

As environmental awareness to be of great interest, we understand the better impact of energy use in the environment and our power bills. Many homeowners use bathroom makeovers or remodeling as one way of innovating their bathroom to reduce energy bills and improve the comfort.  There are a lot of things you can do to reduce the energy bills in your bathroom aside from saving water. Remodeling your bathroom is one way to reduce the energy bills. During bathroom remodeling Palatine you can consider installing LED or CFL lights, putting in a more efficient ventilation fan, getting a shorter shower to save both water and heating cost, and  fixing leaky pipes and sinks are some of the ways that could save you on your electricity costs. These may sound expensive but you will benefit from these things long a long time.

Our home remodeling company based in Palatine has been providing services for years. We provide free estimates to provide our customers with the proper expectations. Our bathroom remodeling contractors are elastic and available in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. If you are in need of home renovations, contact us, and we will come!