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When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Palatine or anywhere else, putting your trust in the professionals can bring you the best results. That’s where ABA Remodeling steps in. We are experienced professional home remodeling contractors who specialize in bathroom makeovers.

Whether you’re looking for a small bathroom remodel Palatine project, a large scale bathroom renovation, or anything in between, ABA Remodeling is the perfect bathroom remodeling company to call. We bring our expertise acquired over years of renovation experience to be your bathroom contractors and give you the bathroom refinishing you’re looking for.

Call us first for any home remodeling you may be thinking about, from kitchen renovations to finished basements, and we can plan and construct everything according to your specifications and personal tastes.

Where we shine brightest is in bathroom refinishing. We can take your existing bathroom and make it the luxurious, beautiful, and functional space you have always thought about while working within your budget parameters.

Call ABA Remodeling and speak to our experienced professionals about your bathroom refinishing and bathroom remodel near me Chicago projects, today. We’re here to help with fantastic ideas, thorough planning, and detailed construction.


For a complete overhaul of your bathroom space, we provide outstanding bathroom remodel near me Palatine sevices that will totally change everything about your bathroom. We will make it flow together nicely with plenty of functional features for you to enjoy.

When the layout of your bathroom works well for you but it just needs to be upgraded with beautiful finishes, ABA Remodeling is the bathroom renovations specialist to call. Your new bathroom will look amazing and after our contractors are finished.

Just because you have a small bathroom, doesn’t mean we can’t take great care of it with an incredible small bathroom remodeling . Our bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors are accustomed to working with all sizes of bathrooms, large and small.


Make the most of the space in your large bathroom with a complete bathroom remodeling Palatine that will put everything together in the most functional way. Your bathroom will be a brand new space for you to enjoy for years.


When we plan a bathroom remodel near me Palatine services of any kind, it first begins with a bathroom design to bring the best features out and make it functional. It’s an important part of any bathroom makeover Palatine.


To achieve the best bathroom remodel near me Palatine results, our bathroom remodeling contractors use the best materials possible. From bathroom wall tiles to the bathroom tiles on your floor, we only use top-quality materials.


Our vast experience allows us to know what works and what doesn’t in bathroom remodel near me Palatine projects. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Palatine can provide you with amazing ideas you may not have thought of yourself.


We don’t stop at bathroom remodel near me Palatine projects. Our professional contractors also provide fantastic whole home remodeling. Check our additional service pages for more information about whole home renovations.


The longer you live in the same home, the higher the chance that homeowners decide to tackle a major remodeling project. Altering your surroundings to fit your individual needs and wants is important. When deciding for a bathroom remodeling plan, they tend to focus primarily on their immediate needs like having a lot of space, more functionality, safety concerns, upgrading the aesthetics or even ways to increase the value of their property. That is why many homeowners focus on remodeling efforts in their bathroom. Because this is the area of the house with the most potential for a refresh and adds practical financial value. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation Palatine to meet your family needs, contact us. We are the bathroom remodel near me Palatine company.

Make Your Old Bathroom New

Renewing the value and look of your home is one of the most important things you can do to increase its value and to live comfortably. With so many ideas from the internet and bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors, you can give your bathroom a new refreshing look that will give you a refreshing feeling in your home.

Ensure Your Comfort

Bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that you will probably step into everyday. That is why bathroom remodel near me Palatine services it to have a personal touch and making it comfortable is one of the best decisions you can do for yourself. Updating it with the time is a good decision it could be as easy as repainting it, improving the lightings or updating the fixtures.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Most of the time, a bathroom may need to be remodeled to increase its utility and to reduce maintenance costs. Checking your windows, roofing, seals, plumbing, and drainage needs to be checked regularly to enjoy its full function. This may sound costly, but fixing it can save you more than having to replace everything.

Reduce Energy Bills

As environmental awareness to be of great interest, we understand the better impact of energy use in the environment and our power bills. Many homeowners use bathroom makeovers or remodeling as one way of innovating their bathroom to reduce energy bills and improve the comfort. There are a lot of things you can do to reduce the energy bills in your bathroom aside from saving water. Remodeling your bathroom is one way to reduce the energy bills. During bathroom remodeling Palatine you can consider installing LED or CFL lights, putting in a more efficient ventilation fan, getting a shorter shower to save both water and heating cost, and fixing leaky pipes and sinks are some of the ways that could save you on your electricity costs. These may sound expensive but you will benefit from these things long a long time.

How long does it take to remodel?
Each project is different, so without knowing the details, there is no way to give an accurate timeline for your bathroom remodeling. Based on the size, scope, and materials used, you will receive a detailed bathroom remodel near me Palatine schedule for your project.

Does my remodeling require a permit?
If the project needs structural changes or improvements to the floor plan, then a permit is required. The authorization for significant kitchen and bathroom renovations is always necessary but may be also be essential for other projects. But you do not have to worry as our bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors will take care of all the permits you are required to secure.

How do I keep up on project status?
While the bathroom remedoling project is ongoing, the person in charge of it can be contacted easily. He or she will regularly provide you progress reports and answer any questions you have. When completing the repairs, the person in charge will also show you through the property to guarantee you are satisfied with the work done.

When can I choose finishes, appliances & other details?
Once you get the construction schedule, you will have dates that will require you to make certain decisions, such as picking finishes. With the selection process, our bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors will be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate design.

If you’re ready to start your home remodeling Palatine, please feel free to contact our team. We are the number one bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors. We strive to make your idea as quick and simple as possible so that your dream home becomes a reality.

Small bathrooms need some strategic styling to make it look bigger and more beautiful. Crafting a small bathroom with endless style is not impossible. From smart storage choices, the perfect choice of tiles, paint, and wallpaper can make any small bathroom look more open, airy, and beautiful. Over time, your bathroom deteriorates and needs bathroom remodeling to ensure its function and safety. Check your bathroom and remove clutters. You don’t need a lot of storage; instead, focus on improving its function like installing all-in-one dryer and washer or adding a vanity space. Our bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors will help you throughout the entire bathroom renovation process. Fixtures, tile, and finishes are some of the most expensive items in the bathroom, and since your bathroom is small, you will only need less. When choosing colors, choose light colors for a fresher and open look. If you’re not ready to give up the bathtub, you can use natural stone like marble and onyx in remodeling your shower and install a seamless glass door for a more durable and open space illusion. For a cleaner, fresher, and more relaxed look, float everything. Install your toilet from your walls, hang a floating table, sink, and storage.

Adding a mirror creates the illusion of more space. Our bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors can help you, whether you have a small or large bathroom to remodel. We are experts in bathroom makeovers, and we ensure the quality of our work using the finest materials and skilled craftsmen. Do not hesitate to call us today so we can start working for your dream bathroom.

Your bathroom is the place where you start and end your day. It is also a place where you can relax and remove the stress that you have experienced throughout the day. A beautiful, relaxing, undisturbed bath is an important part of many people’s day. Getting a bathroom remodeling Palatine will achieve a bathroom that you can experience at a resort hotel but in your own home.

Our bathroom renovation will install a bathtub made of special metals that won’t allow your water to get cold, spas with water jets, and a lot more of upgrades that you want. If you prefer showers, massaging showerheads and massaging water are a great idea to install in your bathroom. A heated towel warmer can also be installed during your bathroom makeover or even a personal sauna to start and end your day with a smile every day.

Our bathroom remodel near me Palatine company can add auto-frosting shower doors or hands-free sinks to your bathroom. When it comes to getting the best bathroom for your home, the sky’s the limit with the bathroom upgrades. For total comfort and relaxation, you can transform your bathroom into a room you’ll never want to leave.

The following are just examples of what your bathroom can look like with your bathroom remodel near me Palatine project. Aside from looking at magazines and websites for inspiration, you can also contact our professional and well-skilled bathroom remodeling contractors for consultation. We have the proper skills and knowledge to help you explore your options while making sure that you wouldn’t go over your budget and materials. When thinking of upgrades to do in your home, always go for the bathroom renovation first.

Open Showers

Nowadays, it isn't easy to have a sprawling bathroom. What started as a necessity for small bathroom remodel has now become a popular trend for houses that have the space for tubs. When it comes to bathroom remodeling Palatine, open showers will provide the space that you need. It will also incorporate a minimalistic design that you want for your bathroom. This will provide a modern design that you have always wanted for your bathrooms.

Natural Elements

Nowadays, it isn't easy to have a sprawling bathroom. What started as a necessity for small bathroom remodeling has now become a popular trend for houses that have the space for tubs. When it comes to bathroom remodel near me Palatine, open showers will provide the space that you need. It will also incorporate a minimalistic design that you want for your bathroom. This will provide a modern design that you have always wanted for your bathrooms.

Vintage Touch

As trends move on, they tend to look back at previous trends. A critical aspect of this vintage or retro trend is the inclusion of wood in the design. With your bathroom remodel near me Palatine project, you can incorporate an evergreen trend of using wood. Our bathroom remodeling contractors recommend using different wood variations to combine the retro feel in a modern aesthetic.

The Terazzo Trend

Terrazzo's trend is one of the favorites of designers. It's perfect because the mix of natural stones, marble, and cement gives your bathroom a beautiful finish with a rough edge. Suppose you are thinking of getting bathroom remodeling, integrating this trend seamlessly, whether for shower walls or counters. Our bathroom remodel near me Palatine contractors can even have carpet-like walls and backsplashes, resulting in an eye-catching detail that is incredibly hard to ignore.

Bold Tile Patterns

When deciding the tiles for your bathroom remodel near me Palatine services, don't shy away from experimenting—using clashing of tiles that are different in texture and colors might end up giving your bathroom a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Statement Fixtures

Statement fixtures are the best way to spruce up a bathroom space during your bathroom remodel near Palatine. With the growing trend on nude color patterns, a unique fixture theme can go a long way. Gold and copper metallic taps, shower knobs, and handles are the best way to let any fixtures stand out.

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