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  • 10 Gorgeous Walk-In Shower Designs for Small Bathrooms

    You can still enjoy the pleasure of a walk-in shower even if your bathroom is small or cramped. To fit a walk-in shower in your bathroom, you don’t need a lot of space. Keep reading for inspiration and fresh ideas for your next small bathroom remodel.

    Choose White

    White interiors never go out of style and creates the illusion of space in a small area. Additionally, it will produce a tranquil atmosphere which is perfect for your bathroom. Some people aspire to have a stylish black bathroom design, but the effect will be leaning towards claustrophobia, therefore it’s not an ideal design choice for a small space. White is a classic color and perfect for making your bathroom appear larger and it brightens the space. A frameless glass panel can complement your whites while protecting the rest of the bathroom from shower splashing.

    Shower Pan Choices

    When planning your small bathroom remodel, make sure to include a rectangular shower pan, as opposed to a square one. This way you can enjoy a walk-in shower without giving up extra surface space. A rectangular shower pan is a wiser choice, as large square shower pans take up too much valuable space. For easier maintenance and cleaning, shower pans can be customized with some specifics, like drain placement for instance.

    Designing Your New Bathroom

    The strategic positioning of everything in the bathroom is one of the most crucial aspects of your bathroom remodeling project. The limited space means that you need to design your space in a way that will help you get the most out of every square foot, including your walk-in shower. If you have angles in your bathroom, you can consider incorporating this space within your shower, and arrange the toilet and sink along the wall.
    Inviting the Outdoors In

    Your bathroom renovations could include the installation of a large bathroom window, as this will complement your walk-in shower beautifully. A large glass window with a private view will make the room feel more spacious, whilst allowing the natural light to flow through the room. Perhaps consider a wall-to-ceiling window looking out onto a private area with a view of plants or trees. The natural colors of the vegetation, as well as the illusion of extra space will work well together to create a relaxing and beautiful interior space.

    Walk-in Shower with No Door

    A walk-in shower that is not confined by a door, makes it feel larger. To keep the other areas of your bathroom from getting wet, install a fixed glass panel to create a division and offer protection from splashing. The benefit of this layout is that you can enter and exit without making use of a door. Clear glass is the recommended type of glass, as it complements any interior. To reduce splashing, make sure to mount the shower head and faucets on the opposite side of the panel opening.

    Walk-in Shower with a Curtain

    One of the most economical choices when it comes to your bathroom remodeling budget, is to install a curtained shower. On a tight budget you can avoid installing a glass panel or shower glass doors and rather separate your shower area with a curtain. During the bathroom remodel or new bathroom design stages, include a curtain rod and plan to raise the shower step to contain the shower water.

    Make a Statement with Your Tiles

    Select bathroom tiles that complement your overall bathroom design and fittings. You could use bright or bold patterned tiles on a shower wall, which will form an interesting contrast when you have a predominantly light or white bathroom. When it comes to bold or colorful tiles, it’s best to use a limited number in a small bathroom. You can experiment with different designs by using them in a specific pattern. Create an interesting focal point in your bathroom by creating a floor centered or wall centered design. For a hassle-free finish with less grouting work, larger tiles can be used in tiny bathrooms.

    Built-in Storage Solutions

    Vanity units or other furniture can add clutter and take up valuable floor space. When planning your bathroom renovations, allow for built-in storage shelves to optimize space. To keep your bathroom necessities from taking up too much surface space, consider using a tiled bench or various built-in shelves to keep the bathroom organized. Use the planning stages of your small bathroom remodel to choose the best space for your shelves to ensure flowing functionality and to conserve space.

    Ditch the Tub

    When planning your bathroom remodel, you could avoid installing a tub. It can be tricky to fit a walk-in shower and a bathtub in a small bathroom space. For you to really enjoy your walk-in shower, you need adequate space, especially as the walk-in shower tray can take up a considerable amount of space. For bathrooms that do have enough space to allow for both, you should carefully consider where to place the tub and shower to prevent any obstructions to enter either.

    Get Creative with Glass Shower Doors

    A walk-in shower enclosure could have a glass door as an elegant finishing touch. Instead of a glass door, you could also go with a sophisticated glass panel to divide you shower space from the rest of the bathroom area. A small bathroom remodel might benefit greatly from adding a stylish and elegant glass panel or door to complement your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. To create the feeling of added space, consider installing a half-glass door that looks classy, yet is a practical way to prevent splashing.

    You can enlarge the appearance of any small bathroom by using these tips. No matter how little space you have to design your ideal small bathroom remodel, these suggestions can help anyone experience the luxury of a walk-in shower. ABA Remodeling can assist you with your bathroom remodel design and help maximize your bathroom space. Contact the friendly and expert team at ABA Remodeling today to find out more.

  • 6 things you need to plan before remodeling your bathroom 

    1 – Determine your priorities
    There are always a litany of ideas customers want to implement into their new bathroom remodel Palatine design however it is imperative that you prioritize your list and start with the things that are of the utmost importance to you and your family first. Try to focus primarily on functionality and practicality because these are most centered around the purpose of this room in the first place and from there you can start to think of extras you want to add in that fit into your budget.

    2 – Leave room for unexpected expenses
    Consider your budget first and foremost when thinking of bathroom remodeling ideas. Although we all have a number of things we want to include into our overall goals for its completion, it’s important to save some room between your total budget and the priorities you want to implement just in case something goes wrong or an unexpected situation arises.

    3 – Stick to Plan A
    The planning stage is very important in this process so be sure to look over the outline that you want with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything you need is accounted for as far as budgeting and functionality. Most homeowners are tempted to reconsider their first plan for their bathroom renovations and go with something new so we encourage you to pick a plan that is easy to stick with. This will prevent problems later in the bathroom renovations stages.

    4 – Non-Slip Bathroom Flooring
    Safety is very important when thinking about a small bathroom remodel because most accidents occur in this room. It’s easy to overlook the importance of a non-slip floor but when considering the amount of water that is used in this room you should always throw this aspect into your planning stage. Another great option is putting a heated floor in your plan as well to increase the overall comfort of the space and make the bath time experience enjoyable and convenient for you and your family.

    5 – Quality Countertops
    Granite countertops and other better material options will save you money in the long run because they are more durable than other surfaces. These materials also increase the overall appeal of your space and upgrade the return on your investment as well. Our bathroom remodel Palatine contractors always suggest doing this and no customer has ever felt they have been steered wrong when they oblige.

    6 – Tile or paint in the bathroom?
    No matter which option you go with like tile or paint you can add a unique style to your space but don’t forget about your budget. Either of these finishes are appealing options but tile will add a little more cost onto your overall quote. The positive is that tile can lead to less maintenance than paint. If you do decide to choose paint as your alternative, go with the best quality paint you can find. This will prevent your structure from incurring mildew or mold in the future.
    Whether you have an idea or if you are just now considering doing some new bathroom renovations, our team is excited to help you throughout this process. No matter if you’re considering a small bathroom remodel or a large one, we have the right contractors you can trust to be passionate about bringing your dream project to life for an affordable price.

  • Great ideas that you can implement when remodeling your bathroom

    Making sure that your bathroom remodeling Palatine fits the luxurious appearance of the rest of your property can be hard, mostly if you want to keep it a functional bathroom for daily use. Our bathroom remodel will offer you a style guide that included the best of functionality and luxury. Our expert bathroom remodeling Palatine contractors will shape your ideas into a reality.

    One essential aspect of the lighting in an opulent bathroom is the vanity mirror. After performing a bathroom remodel Palatine, the illuminations should be bright enough to comply with basic security requirements, but only your creativity can be the limit. Industrial-luxury stone shower along with mood lights blend and make the space look pretty modern.
    Anything that you desire for your bathroom style, should be applied in the light choices to get a real unified style. We are amongst the top companies that perform bathroom renovations in Palatine in the sophisticated and opulent style that you are looking for.

    The Walls 
    The main secret to a luxury bathroom is elegance. Our bathroom renovations Palatine service will ensure to install natural finishes and sophisticated colors such as stone, wood, and marble to integrate the refined style and to keep with the upscale bathroom fixtures. Big tiles are trendy and popular, and they offer an effective and simple way to get natural textures and tones. Our expert remodeling contractors will make sure that the wall and floor tiles fit, succeeding in an amazing bold appearance that manifests in luxury.

    For bath lovers, there are in existence several elegant bathroom ideas that will match your style and at the same time give a unique sense of coziness that can only provide a bathtub.
    Some property owners love to take baths. Our bathroom renovations company has several elegant ideas for your bathroom that will match your style, and at the same time will give a unique sense of relaxation that can only be provided by a bathtub.

    It is very important to not ignore the little extra details in your bathroom as this makes it unique. The appearance of an elegant bathroom is all about providing an impression of space, it is fundamental to keep walls in order. That being said, it is good to prevent hooks and shelves when possible. Selecting low-level containers is the best option to take. One of the most popular trending alternatives is wood cupboards that are darker, as they differ from a floor that is usually lighter and ceiling tiles for a breathtaking appearance. You can store flannels and rolled towels to make it look like a spa, or utilize them to cover toiletries without cluttering your elegant bathroom. That being said, we are an affordable company that will provide you with the results that you are looking for in your bathroom. A distinct excellent feature that you can install in subfloor heating as this will make a difference from the rest. This attachment is great for a bigger bathroom that can be precise for your luxury bathroom area, to avoid stepping on cold tiles after finishing a warm shower in the morning.

    Our expert bathroom remodeling company in Palatine is ready to assist you with any variety of ideas in order to get the luxurious bathroom that you always wanted. Our professional remodeling contractors will make sure that your bathroom is functional as a top-notch relaxation escape place you deserve and as a standard family bathroom.

  • Is subfloor heating for bathrooms a good approach?

    Have you ever thought about the advantages of subfloor heating?
    When performing a bathroom remodel Palatine, is a great approach to thinking about how to heat your bathroom. That is an important aspect to keep into account because if temperatures are very low, it can lower the comfort of the bathroom, but if it is too hot it can lead to irrelevant costs. Subfloor heating has many benefits that you can find out in the article below.

    Homogeneous heating.
    One of the top advantages of heated bathroom floors is homogeneous heating. As this will heat the bathroom and the floor, giving a convenient ambient temperature. HVAC units provide warm air, but that may be not balanced. If you are near an HVAC unit, you may feel is warmer compared to other areas in a room. Instead of heated bathrooms, there are not any cold areas.

    Environmentally Friendly
    It`s a fact that heated bathroom floors are 25% more efficient in terms of energy compared to traditional HVAC units. You can save on extra costs, based on the kind of floor heating system that you select. Electric heating for floors needs less than an hour to warm a bathroom.

    Prudent, space saver.
    Bathroom renovations Palatine with heated floors does not require any hefty, big unit on the wall. They are inserted out of sight so they don’t change the aesthetic design.

    We all know that air systems can be loud. Whenever you switch on the forced air system, it will be noisy. Heated bathroom floors are prudent and silent as well. And that turns out in not being distracted when you try to relax.

    These units are easy to manage. They include a thermostat that can be adapted for different temperature settings, so you can adapt it to your desired temperature.
    Also, they come with timers as well. You can get up in the morning and keep your toes comfortable and warm in the morning.

    A bathroom remodel Palatine with heated floors is secure. They never burn your feet. Also, you don’t need to worry about sharp corners or blazing surfaces on HVAC units.
    Altogether with safety, you can make sure that it will come with good air quality as well. This is a great benefit for persons that suffer from any allergies or asthma.

    An included advantage is that you will save expenses by knowing that your heated floors do not require maintenance. So upon installation, there is no need to think about maintenance schedules.

    Increased Resale Value. 
    Performing a bathroom remodeling Palatine including a heated bathroom floor will increase the price of the property if you decide to sell. Potential customers will love the luxury details.

    As you could see subfloor heating has many benefits, it is great considering this type of heating system for your bathroom remodeling Palatine. If you are currently in this stage of the renovation of your bathroom, or just thinking about it. Then reach us, so we can properly advise you about the best solutions that match your bathroom area.


    In each area of your home, proper lighting can make a notable impact.  Possibly more-so in a bathroom than in any other space, as you may have a tiny, windowless half-bath hidden under the stairs with exclusively artificial lighting or you may have an enormous master or guest bath with multiple windows and plenty of natural light.  We will start simple and explain the various types of lighting commonly utilized in bathrooms and bathroom renovations Palatine residents favor.

    LED lights: 

    LEDs are basic, single lights commonly found in restrooms.  They hang overhead.  Their illumination comes from the diffusal of light and is efficient.  They are not a perfect single light source, compared to task lighting, as they tend to cast shadows. 

    Ambient Lighting:

    This type of lighting is incredibly useful and extremely popular for use in many different locations. Recessed lighting, although it works well in any area of your bathroom, may be used in bathtub spaces or shower stalls as well.

    Task Illumination:

    This kind of illumination is available in many different sizes and shapes and a part of every bathroom remodel Palatine. Task lighting refers to specific illumination near or below your mirror where you will apply makeup, brush your teeth, or shave for a while. A light bar on your bathroom mirror can include numerous lights in a row or just a single bulb. Most bathroom light bars contain various light beams from just a single mount. Also included in the task lighting category on both sides of the mirror are concrete lenses.

    Extravagant Chandeliers:

    Chandeliers are an elegant alternative to a standard single overhead bathroom light. Often utilized in bathroom remodeling Palatine residents love, this bathroom lighting design takes a classic look and modernizes it. A chandelier can be used as an accessory to other lighting used in the same room. Chandeliers may be installed above a bathtub or as the centerpiece of a bed, emphasizing its splendor.

    What Lighting is Most Effective for Small Bathrooms?

    Appropriate design selections can assist your small bathroom in appearing more attractive and bigger. For smaller bathrooms, one cost-effective and efficient alternative is downlighting. Use of this bathroom may be a delicate topic and this lighting may cast shadows. Downlighting can be perfect for a half bath below the stairs on the ground level. If this smaller space is to be your master bathroom, you should investigate some alternative lighting options that cast fewer shadows. Think about installing bathroom sconces or light bars on each side of your mirror as part of your bathroom remodel Palatine, if you have enough room.



    Lighting Options for Large Bathrooms

    For bigger bathrooms, the options are literally infinite. Natural light will most likely be incorporated. Bathroom contractors Palatine residents trust may include a blend of vanity task lighting and recessed lighting that can be perfect for larger bathrooms as it contributes function as well as form. If you incorporate a chandelier into your design, it can be a gorgeous focal point in your space.

    Investigate the possibilities of your bathroom renovation design expert. You can begin with your next house remodeling project thanks to the assistance of our bathroom remodelers.

    The results of your bathroom renovation project should be an attractive and functional end product that will last for many years or even decades. We will help with all of it, from specific design projects to enormous bathroom renovations Palatine. You can count on us every step of the way, providing our expert suggestions as well as our tips regarding function and practicality.


  • 5 reasons why you should remodel your bathroom

    If you are aspiring to create a warm and relaxing environment in your bathroom, the best way to make it happen is with a bathroom remodel. Whether complete or partial, the process is not about completely destroying the bathroom and then rebuilding it, but rather about changing important elements such as a bathtub or a vanity. Therefore, we provide you with the following tips for your bathroom remodeling.

    Fix an existing bathroom problem.

    If your bathroom is very old, it may be leaking, which can cause damage to your walls and floors. Therefore, many homeowners decide to proceed with a remodel. Although there are people who say it can be expensive, today there are companies that provide bathroom remodeling services at extremely affordable prices.

    Add more storage spaces.

    Another reason why homeowners decide to renovate their bathrooms is to have additional storage space.

    Change the look of your bathroom

    Another point that should always be taken into consideration when deciding to renovate the bathrooms in the house is to give it a refreshing image, either because the current design is outdated for today or because it is in bad shape.

    Increase the value of your home

    There will always come a time when you will say goodbye to your home to move to another place. However, if you decided to renovate your bathroom before making that decision, it will benefit you greatly in the fact that it will double or triple the real estate value of your home at the time of sale.

    Increase your home’s energy-saving capabilities.

    When renovating your bathroom, you can add the latest gadgets or appliances on the market to make it much more efficient in terms of energy costs, such as a smart water heater or add more windows so that the breeze can enter more easily and refresh the space effectively.


    Behind a bathroom remodel there can be many reasons and although it can turn out to be an extremely expensive process at times, the benefit outweighs it. Although they are difficult to find, you can find spectacular designs for your bathroom!

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