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February 2022

    In each area of your home, proper lighting can make a notable impact.  Possibly more-so in a bathroom than in any other space, as you may have a tiny, windowless half-bath hidden under the stairs with exclusively artificial lighting or you may have an enormous master or guest bath with multiple windows and plenty of natural light.  We will start simple and explain the various types of lighting commonly utilized in bathrooms and bathroom renovations Palatine residents favor.

    LED lights: 

    LEDs are basic, single lights commonly found in restrooms.  They hang overhead.  Their illumination comes from the diffusal of light and is efficient.  They are not a perfect single light source, compared to task lighting, as they tend to cast shadows. 

    Ambient Lighting:

    This type of lighting is incredibly useful and extremely popular for use in many different locations. Recessed lighting, although it works well in any area of your bathroom, may be used in bathtub spaces or shower stalls as well.

    Task Illumination:

    This kind of illumination is available in many different sizes and shapes and a part of every bathroom remodel Palatine. Task lighting refers to specific illumination near or below your mirror where you will apply makeup, brush your teeth, or shave for a while. A light bar on your bathroom mirror can include numerous lights in a row or just a single bulb. Most bathroom light bars contain various light beams from just a single mount. Also included in the task lighting category on both sides of the mirror are concrete lenses.

    Extravagant Chandeliers:

    Chandeliers are an elegant alternative to a standard single overhead bathroom light. Often utilized in bathroom remodeling Palatine residents love, this bathroom lighting design takes a classic look and modernizes it. A chandelier can be used as an accessory to other lighting used in the same room. Chandeliers may be installed above a bathtub or as the centerpiece of a bed, emphasizing its splendor.

    What Lighting is Most Effective for Small Bathrooms?

    Appropriate design selections can assist your small bathroom in appearing more attractive and bigger. For smaller bathrooms, one cost-effective and efficient alternative is downlighting. Use of this bathroom may be a delicate topic and this lighting may cast shadows. Downlighting can be perfect for a half bath below the stairs on the ground level. If this smaller space is to be your master bathroom, you should investigate some alternative lighting options that cast fewer shadows. Think about installing bathroom sconces or light bars on each side of your mirror as part of your bathroom remodel Palatine, if you have enough room.



    Lighting Options for Large Bathrooms

    For bigger bathrooms, the options are literally infinite. Natural light will most likely be incorporated. Bathroom contractors Palatine residents trust may include a blend of vanity task lighting and recessed lighting that can be perfect for larger bathrooms as it contributes function as well as form. If you incorporate a chandelier into your design, it can be a gorgeous focal point in your space.

    Investigate the possibilities of your bathroom renovation design expert. You can begin with your next house remodeling project thanks to the assistance of our bathroom remodelers.

    The results of your bathroom renovation project should be an attractive and functional end product that will last for many years or even decades. We will help with all of it, from specific design projects to enormous bathroom renovations Palatine. You can count on us every step of the way, providing our expert suggestions as well as our tips regarding function and practicality.


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