Suggestions for a guest-friendly bathroom remodel

Do you have bad memories of feeling uneasy using a friend’s bathroom? To prevent your friends and family from experiencing this in your bathroom (which is commonly a tricky area in a house) consider these helpful pointers when planning your bathroom renovations.

Upgrade the lighting

Poor lighting results in a bad first impression. Guests who are sprucing themselves up in your bathroom can do so more easily if the light catches the mirror. To achieve an optimally lit and practical space, deliberately plan where lights will go.
To illustrate the point: you don’t want shadows falling on your face when looking in the vanity cabinet mirror, so you need to plan where the light is positioned. Additional lighting can be placed above the shower for convenience when showering. If space allows, consider wall sconces and dimmer switches to create an atmosphere.

Change the Toilet

A substandard toilet is unacceptable. All that might be necessary to improve the toilet is changing your seat or lid. Sometimes, a new toilet is preferable, and carefully considering your many options is recommended. Some suggestions to think about are the latest smart toilets, two-piece or wall hung toilets.

Refurbish your Shower

If your guest checked behind your shower curtain, would he/she witness a revolting sight? Old and hard-to-clean showers are best replaced. There are no limitations when redoing a shower. Please consider the ideas that we present to you so that you can start generating your thoughts for your bathroom remodel.

Add a neo-angle shower to make the most of an underused corner
Opt for an elegant Acrylic shower which presents no hassles for cleaning
For those needing a seat built into the shower, no-barrier showers are easy to access
A well-known option that satisfies most people and situations/requirements, is a shower-bath design

Incorporate Splashes of Contentment

After you have achieved a spotless, practical bathroom, you then have a chance to focus on the niceties. Ensure fluffy, luxurious towels are on hand. Create a comforting, pleasant scent with air freshener, aromatic soaps, and odor-neutralizing sprays. For your guests’ convenience, have a supply of toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash readily available.

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