A bathroom’s main purpose is functional but its main appealing aspects come from the beautiful elements and features that can bring it to life. Bathrooms can be some of the most beautiful spaces in your home that exude an effect of tranquility and radiance. However, if the space is small, one may have to get creative with fitting in storage space and decorations. The following tips will help you bring out the best in your small bathroom remodeling.

Tricking the Eye
Bathroom contractors know that one great way to make a space appear larger than what it is, is by using the same flooring in the bathroom and the shower. This will cause the eye to have an uninterrupted view, which makes the room appear larger.

Choose Patterns Carefully
When selecting a tile pattern or wallpaper design, be sure to go for a design that makes your bathroom renovation pop! Be sure that it matches with other surfaces in the room. A small bathroom can have intricate tiles with bold and detailed designs, along with walls that are kept simple. If a patterned wallpaper is chosen, the  floor should then be kept more basic.

Wall Storage Space
Keeping toiletries stored outside the bathroom brings disorganization, chaos and stress while getting ready for your day. These should be ready to use and accessible in your bathroom (especially in the morning!).  Storage units can be installed on a wall, which creates much needed storage space along with maintaining everything neatly organized and closeby.
In case your bathroom doesn’t have enough room, larger items can be removed and a small shelf can be placed outside the bathroom door to stow away towels, washcloths and extra toilet rolls.

Embrace the Ledge
Installing a ledge under your mirror and above the sink area is a great solution for adding space. It can be used to store toothbrushes, hair products and other small items in case you don’t have cabinet or drawer space.

Allow Light to Shine Through
Adequate lighting is one of the most essential elements that bathroom remodeling companies consider in a bathroom. It helps you see your appearance better when getting ready, and in a smaller bathroom a well-lit area is of the utmost importance. The space will feel larger, as well as more bright and welcoming.

Round Shapes
Every inch of space in a tiny bathroom counts. Sharp edges should be avoided in smaller bathrooms since protruding features could be unpleasant or dangerous. Rounded edges on a vanity add more space and give the appearance that a room is bigger and more inviting since there are no hard or sharp corners to worry about.

Clear Materials
Installation of a glass shower door should be preferred over foggy glass or a shower curtain. This allows the eye to travel uninterruptedly around the bathroom and creates a heightened sense of openness. Another option that gives an appearance of more space is a zero-threshold shower, which takes it a step further by removing the step over curb, and leaving the floor totally uninterrupted.

Floating Space
Floating vanity or shelves are a stylish option that’s great for when you don’t have many items to store in the bathroom. These make the room appear larger due to floating vanities placing more visual space into the room.

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