3 Myths in Bathroom Remodeling

Are you wanting to take on a bathroom remodel but the idea gives you anxiety? As a large project, it is completely normal to be concerned and to want to enter the process with an open mind and awareness in an attempt to avoid any issues. Here at ABA Remodeling Company, we have heard a variety of myths about bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovations that you may have heard as well. We are here to clear them up for you so you can move forward with your bathroom refinishing project fearlessly and see your dream bathroom become a reality!

Myth #1: You Must Choose Trendy

Many people seek to add value to their homes by way of a bathroom remodel. Although you should certainly consider recent trends, especially for resale purposes, you do not necessarily need to use them. If you have no intentions of selling your home at any point, you can certainly create a custom bathroom that meets your specific style. Instead of following the latest trends, allow the style of your home as well as your personal taste to influence your remodeling design.

Myth #2: Remodels are Too Expensive

One main turn-off for homeowners to delay remodeling is the feeling that they cannot afford it. On the contrary, if you collaborate with a professional design team and remodeling team, they may encounter varied ingenious manners to obtain the bathroom of your dreams while staying within your budget. Perhaps a complete remodel is a bit out of your reach but it is entirely possible to make a large impact on your bathroom’s appearance and ambiance by making only a few small alterations.

Myth #3: You Are Better off With DIY

It is probably best to leave the large projects to the professional bathroom contractors unless you happen to be a contractor or an incredibly experienced DIY aficionado. Many homeowners begin their own remodeling projects only to discover that the plumbing and wiring are far beyond their area of knowledge and expertise. Although many can take care of basic renovations, electrical and plumbing errors can mean big money and issues in the future.

Do not be put off by your bathroom remodel by fear and anxiety. Contact our bathroom remodeling contractors at ABA Remodeling and we can provide you with a variety of remodeling options that meet different budget levels. Get in touch with us now!

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